Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Leather Straps from Brooklyn Gear & Morning Breath

Check out our new Leather Straps from Brooklyn Gear. They are designed by the award winning twisted brains of Morning Breath. Please go check out their website and see the amazing campaigns and designs that they work on.

Also check out their new book. You can get it on Amazon.


P.S. How can you not love a bunch of guys who call their company "Morning Breath"

New Pic of the DRUM WALLET

Here is a great shot of the new Brooklyn Gear "Drum Wallet". This drum dampener was created with Trevor Lawrence Jr. who is on tour and the Music Director for Snoop Dogg.

The Drum Wallet idea came during a dinner one night in NYC with the gang from Brooklyn Gear, Trevor Lawrence and the great bass player and KSD endorsee Byron Miller. Both artists were in town rehearsing at SIR with Jennifer Lopez for her upcoming tour. Trevor said he had a great idea for a drum dampener. So after some rough drawings on a few bar napkins.....the Drum Wallet was created.

Everyone who we have given one to try does not want to give it back! It is easy to attach and use. It comes with a drum key and two metal plates. You can use either one or both metal plate to adjust the amount of pressure on the drum head. Some artists are even putting their credit cards and driver license in the wallet instead of the metal plates.

What also excites us at Brooklyn Gear about the Drum Wallet project is how it came about. An artist had a idea and we then created it. If you have a great idea please contact us at


New Picture of the Ken Smith Designed 6 string

Here is a professional photo of the new KSD 6 string. Above is the KSDv60j6. We will also have the 6 string available in the Black Fretless and 70's Ash body.

You can also check it out at Musik Messe at our booth in Hall 4.0 B53

New Brooklyn Gear 8 String Guitar


We are excited about the release of the new Brooklyn Gear 8 string electric guitar. We are using the same boutique factory that makes our Ken Smith Designed Basses .

This is the first of many Brooklyn Gear Guitars. Please note our distinctive headstock. One night after having dinner at Grimaldis (Awesome Pizza)with one of our artist endorsees we all decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. During the dinner we were discussing the new guitar line and design ideas for our new headstock. Then like a scene in a movie we were in the middle of the span we looked up at the bridge and there it was. It was like a eureka moment. So we got out some paper and started to sketch the headstock to have it look like the Brooklyn Bridge.

The 8 string electric guitar will come with Brooklyn Gear BG9 alloy strings, Tesla Pickups and some other cool stuff we are still finalizing with the factory.

Retail price will be US $1195

Ask your local dealer about the new Brooklyn Gear 8 String Guitar

Please also come check it out at the Musik Messe at our booth Hall 4.0 B.53


Brooklyn Gear at Frankfurt Musik Messe 2007

Hey Crew

We are getting ready for our annual trip to Frankfurt to exhibit at Musik Messe . Every year we have a great time seeing our old friends and meeting new ones. It is a completely different vibe than the NAMM show. You have a chance to really sit down with your friend, pour a drink and discuss the future.

Brooklyn Gear is in the same location as last year. Hall 4.0 B.53

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Check out Adam from Brooklyn Gear showing the new products including the KSD 6 String, Brooklyn Gear 8 String Guitar and more.

Look under NAMM 2007


Friday, January 26, 2007

Brooklyn Gear at Winter NAMM 2007

Josh Dunham of Prince with his lovely wife Cora.
Cora is holding her new Brooklyn Gear Drum Wallet.
Cora is the phenomonal drummer for Prince. What a
amazing married couple.
Josh is holding the new KSD 6 string and was playing
thru his Brooklyn Gear 2x15 cab that he will be playing
when he does the Superbowl on Feb 4th!

David Santos of Elton John/Billy Joel, Credence
Clear Water Revival and now getting ready for
upcoming John Fogerty tour with his KSDv70j5.
David also has a 70j4.

Kern Brantly of Destiny Child, Beyonce, Chris Brown,
Bow Wow is a solid EBS and KSD guy along with Jamero
The Brooklyn Gear booth was so busy that Al Carty
had to check out his KSD 5 string in the hallway at NAMM.
Al was so into it he came back the next day to play the new
KSD 6 string.

Robert Pagliari of OHM stopped on by
to visit Adam. Robert uses our EBS pedals
and preamp.

Hugh McDonald of Bon Jovi came on by and checked
out our fine offerings. Hugh has been a great friend to all of
us at Brooklyn Gear. Next time we will get his beautiful
wife Kelly in the picture. She was taking the photo....

Al "Boogie" Carty playing the KSD 6 string. Al just
finished his Rob Thomas tour and now getting ready
for the Taylor Hicks tour.

with his KSDv70j5 playing thru his BG2x15 cab

Marcus Miller checking out the new KSD 6 string 60's

Marcus Miller playing our KSD 5 String Brooklyn

Bryron Miller checking out our new KSD Brooklyn
from Japan. 4 string

Hey Crew

We had a great time at Winter NAMM 2007.

It was one of our best shows ever. We launched great new products, saw old friends, met new ones, poured some great single malt whisky and bourbon's and even had great artists playing in our booth.

New products we launched
1. New Ken Smith Designed "KSD" 6 string Jazz Bass. We are using the Ken Smith Burner Headstock with the existing KSD Jazz Body. It will have the same circuit as the other KSD's though it will have 18ml spacing as compared to the 19ml on the 4 & 5 strings. We are taking orders on the 6 string and expect to ship worldwide in April. The Six string will be available in 60's, 70's and Fretless Black.

Images coming soon!

2. New Ken Smith Designed "KSD Brooklyn" from Japan. These new exciting basses are using the hand picked exotic woods from Ken Smith shop and assembled in Japan. Pricing and shipping dates are still being finalized.

Ken Smith is calling this line his "Brooklyn" line as his first workshop where he made his first basses were in Brooklyn.

Images coming soon.

3. New Brooklyn Gear 8 String Electric Guitar. This new guitar is the start of our new Brooklyn Gear guitar line. The guitar will be available after April as we are still determining pricing because our bridge source is being extra greedy.

The staff at Brooklyn Gear is really excited about the launch of this new guitar line and our new headstock design.

Brooklyn Gear will not be making any Bass Guitars and will solely only work with Ken Smith
for bass instruments.

4. New Brooklyn Gear Drum Wallet. This new drum wallet will be a drum dampner that comes with a drum key that we plan to retail for $20. All the artists who tested the drum wallet that we had on our loaner DWDRUMS snare drum was amazed with how easy it was to put on, secure, use and carry.

Cora Dunham(Josh Dunham wife) of Prince was a lucky lady and was able to take one back with her to Vegas as they prepare for the Prince Half Time Show for the Superbowl on Feb 4th.

Photos of the drum wallet coming soon!

5. New Brooklyn Gear Leather Guitar Straps. These new leather designed guitar straps come from our great friends and designers Morning Breath. This team of designers have really cut loose and came up with some great looks.

Images to follow.

69EYES back in the USA on Tour

The great Finnish Hard Rock Band "69EYES" are back on tour in the USA. They are celebrating their recent signing with Caroline Records with a nationwide tour.

Above is Adam from Brooklyn Gear backstage with the Bass Player Archzie and his EBS rig which is a TD650 and a 410 & 1x 15 cabinet. Adam had the chance to check out the band at their Philly date at the Trocadero

You can check out the tour dates and more info on 69EYES at


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Josh Dunham of Prince with his new BG2x15 Cabs

Josh with his BG2x15 cabs before sound check at Rio in
Vegas on the Prince Tour. We made Josh two custom
grills for this tour.

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Dunham with Adam from
Brooklyn Gear at "BUTTER" June 2006 after
a private Prince concert. A amazing night.
Prince played till 4am in the mornign:)

You may not have heard of him before but you will now. Josh Dunham has been with Prince for several months now. We personally had a chance to see Josh play with Prince twice this year in NY. Once at the Nokia theater in Times Square and a private party at "Butter" a hot club in the NYC.

Josh uses a EBS TD650 head and has been looking for a new cabinet for a long time. After trying different cabs out he decided to go for a custom Brooklyn Gear cab. Gerry Doyle of who is the brain and brawn behind the Brooklyn Gear cab worked very closely with Josh to come up with a custom 2x15 cab with custom grill covers.

You can check out Josh along with his lovely wife who is also the drummer in the band with Prince at the RIO in Las Vegas.

Bass Player Live 2006

Marcus Miller playing a KSDv60j4
Marcus Miller playing the KSDv60j4
Marcus Miller and Gerry Doyle
Victor Wooten checking out the BG410 Cab

This year Brooklyn Gear exhibited at Bass Player Live in NY sponsored by Bass Player Magazine. It was a great time but just so loud. Hopefully next year Bass Player will pick a location that has higher ceilings.

Enough with the grumblings......Again it was Bass Player Heaven. There were terrific clinics being run and amazing players just walking around and trying out gear. Players with little experience were especially encouraged to pick up a instrument and play. That is what it is all about.

Our booth was slammed and so many players wanted to check out all our gear including the Ken Smith Designed Basses "KSD" that is the rave on all the message boards. What got players real attention was being able to play thru the new custom Brooklyn Gear cabinets. In fact Gerry Doyle of Doyle Audio Engineering the brain and brawn behind our cabinets was in town for the show.

EBS was a also a hit at the show and EBS rigs were requested and found in several other bass builder booths.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Glen from Bass Specialties

We had a chance to go and visit the next great bass store in the Philly area called "Bass Specialties"

Glen opened up not too long ago and is now stocking KSD Basses and EBS gear. If you are in the area go check it out.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hugh McDonald and Bon Jovi Rocks Giants Stadium

We have always been big fans of Hugh and Bon Jovi since we were young rockers ourselves. So when you get the chance to meet them in person and see what great guys they are you get even more pyched. Plus the backstage passes really help with the experience:)

Bon Jovi just finished up their latest tour and we had a chance to see the band. Big thanks to Hugh for hooking us up as we right up front in front of the stage. This band just simply rocks. What a amazing feeling when there are 60,000 people behind you in the stands singing Bon Jovi songs back to the band.

Above are some pictures we took from the concert. We were just having too much fun than to bother with taking a lot of pictures.


Brooklyn Gear at Summer NAMM in Austin 2006

Brooklyn Gear exhibited all of our great gear at Summer NAMM 2006 in Austin this year. We really fell in love with Austin. Except for the heat it was a great time for all of us. The local BBQ and Tex Mex food was awesome.

This year we thought we would do something different in our booth so we hired a Cigar Roller. The guy you see pictured above rolled and handed out cigars to our existing and new dealers who came by our booth. A little bonus for those who made the trip.

A special thanks to Glen from Austin Bass Traders and John from Bass Emporium for being great hosts to us.

A very special thanks to Jon Smith(Ken Smith's Son) who also came to the show and helped us out at our booth. People stopped to listen in the aisles when Jon played. Jon is becoming a terrific player as his father is even before he started building basses

Steve Rodriguez and his new KSDv60j5

Steve Rodriguez the studio and concert sound of Alicia Keyes is going back on road this month to Europe. Steve has also been busy as MD for "Rihanna" with whole bunch of TV Dates.

Steve originally met up with Brooklyn Gear a few years back when he heard about our Perfect Strap and took them on tour with him with Alicia Keyes for over 18 months. He has been our friend ever since.

So Steve is going back on the road so he came back to Brooklyn Gear to check out the KSD basses. After checking a couple of models out he found that 60j5 he wanted.

Above is a picture of Steve in our sound room when he came by in August 2006 before heading out on tour.

You can also check out Steve at his Myspace Account at

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chris Chew of North Mississippie All Stars and New KSDv70j5 Lefty

Chris Chew of North Missisippie All Stars had a chance to come by the offices of Brooklyn Gear. We have always been a great fan of Chris's and the North Mississippie All Stars

Chris has been playing EBS pedals for some time now so we knew what he liked before he came over.

Once Chris came over to our sound room and picked up that lefty 70j5 he was hooked.

So check out Chris and the North Mississippi All Stars who do over 200 shows a year the next time they come around your neck of the woods.