Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Brooklyn Gear 8 String Guitar


We are excited about the release of the new Brooklyn Gear 8 string electric guitar. We are using the same boutique factory that makes our Ken Smith Designed Basses .

This is the first of many Brooklyn Gear Guitars. Please note our distinctive headstock. One night after having dinner at Grimaldis (Awesome Pizza)with one of our artist endorsees we all decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. During the dinner we were discussing the new guitar line and design ideas for our new headstock. Then like a scene in a movie we were in the middle of the span we looked up at the bridge and there it was. It was like a eureka moment. So we got out some paper and started to sketch the headstock to have it look like the Brooklyn Bridge.

The 8 string electric guitar will come with Brooklyn Gear BG9 alloy strings, Tesla Pickups and some other cool stuff we are still finalizing with the factory.

Retail price will be US $1195

Ask your local dealer about the new Brooklyn Gear 8 String Guitar

Please also come check it out at the Musik Messe at our booth Hall 4.0 B.53



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